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Talking through art

I sit down with a cup of black tea at my desk and take out my sketchbook from the overcrowded drawer. My faithful road companion, that one that is always with me. I grab a pencil and start to scribble down everything that is bothering me and what I am struggling with. Hearing the graphite scratching over the rough paper is like music for me. It feels like I can take away all my negative thoughts and put them onto paper, out of my mind.


The process of sketching is at the same time a healing process. It allows me to forget and even fix my worries and struggles. Since I can remember, it has always been my best way of expression.

There are many ways of doing this. But the one that has always work for me is talking through art.

I just need my sketchbook. Sitting at my desk. Dealing with my struggle. This time creating a drawing about happiness, trying to be focus on the good things I have.


Creativity: A healing process

By creating my drawings, I can understand my feelings and speak with them. Sometimes is really hard to know what is bothering you inside. You are not completely happy, but you don’t know why. That’s because you need to sit and analyse yourself. Sometimes you need to analyse your situation to know the problem and to be able to fix it. And the best way for me to do all this process is at the same time that I am creating my art.  

I am grateful to have this ability for representing my feelings, my ups and downs and different periods of my life in a visual way. A special form which everybody can understand. 

And this is what makes my art unique. My personal healing process, my meditation, my stories. 


After all, the process of creating is a personal way of expression that can be aesthetic, can tell stories and can share moments. But for me, the most important part of it has been always the process of understanding myself.

The drawing ‘Focus on the good’ is finished. 10 hours full of passion and despair lie behind it. My notes, the sketches, and my feelings have become together a finished artwork.

Another drawing, created with my heart and thoughts lies in front of me.

I never was a person of many words, but through my drawings, I have the ability to express myself, to heal myself. I am able to talk through them.




“After finishing a drawing it feels like I’ve finished a book. It is time to get into a new unique story…”

Sophia Moretti is a design student and art lover from Germany. | @artbysophiamoretti

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