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Printing art prints at home

Owning a printer is a big step for any artist out there.

If you want to sell your own art prints, you have to think about the possibilities, what works best for you, and how to make it right.

Buying a printer is a risk,  but so it is ordering prints from online companies. It’s important to test different qualities and different papers in order to find the best for your work. But also, there are other factors of vital importance when you order online.  There were so many things I was thinking about when I was ordering art prints for the first time: How many should I order, which illustration should I order first, what if nobody wants to buy the ones I ordered, but want the ones I just ignored?…

printing your art

I had a lot of questions and after some thinking, I realised that a printer would resolve some of my problems because I could print and prepare the piece when someone buys it.

So I decided to buy my very first printer and I spent days browsing the internet (that’s mostly because I knew ZERO about printers) to find the perfect printer for myself. But after few hours I realized that the features I was looking for were mainly:

  • Top quality that printer can produce (You need to look for a higher dpi)
  • Price (I didn’t want to pay too much)
  • Support of thick paper (Also supporting 120+ gsm)
  • Big bonus: printing in A3
  • Borderless printing


I found so many great printers, such as Canon Pixma Pro 10,Epson Artisan, Epson L805… But I decided to buy Canon Pixma iX6850 because it offers the most for its price. It’s also wireless and offers A3+ printing. Also, the Pixma series is specially designed for artists. Not bad at all!

The important features of this printer:

  • Quality of the printing: 9600x2400dpi
  • Price: 200EUR
  • Support of thick paper: Yes
  • Print size: A3+, A3, A4, A5, B4, B5, LTR, LGL, LDR…
  • Borderless printing: Yes


The printer came in a box bigger than me.  The installation was pretty simple and easy – until I needed to connect the printer to the computer. I didn’t have any USB cable at home, so I needed to connect it through the ethernet cable because the wireless connection didn’t work. I still don’t know why; guess I’ll need to ask my boyfriend 🙂

The great thing is also that inks don’t cost too much and they last longer. As you can see the printer have everything I was looking for, but we can not ignore the fact that paper is also extremely important. Always look for the higher gsm, that means the paper is thicker.

I bought two different pack of paper: Matte photo paper and glossy photo paper.


As you can see the glossy paper has a slightly yellowish tone and in general, the colors are slightly different than on matte paper. The difference is also in the weight of the paper: glossy weights 260gsm while matte weights “only” 170gsm. Well, they’re both great, it’s just about what do you prefer more.

I think the purchase of this printer was the best investment I made for my work. If you’ve been thinking about buying a printer lately, I really recommend this one – especially if you don’t want to spend the whole fortune.

I got a high-quality printer at a budget price and prints are looking super professional. Now I can print everytime someone buys my work, in a professional, fast and safe way.




Alja Horvat is an illustrator and graphic designer from Slovenia, working in Ljubljana. She started drawing at very young age and continued her artistic career at High School for Design, now completing her studies at Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering. She works mostly with graphic tablet, but also loves acrylics, gouache and watercolours. Her main inspiration are flowers, vintage things, 70’s music and female faces.

5 comments on “Printing and selling your own art | Creatives Corner”

  1. Hana Zykova says:

    I am wondering about buying this printer now for my own art prints.
    I do watercolors mostly…I was wondering, have you ever tried printing on a matte fine art paper (not a photo one)?
    It would be really helpful for me to know!

    Thank you!

    1. taniaestevez says:

      Hi Hana!

      I think it should work fine if the weight of the paper is not higher than 260gsm (not sure if the printer can handle more) but unfortunately I can not tell you more as I am not the owner of that printer! you always can ask @aljahorvatco

      Hope this is helpful!


  2. Bethany says:

    Thanks to the wonderful guide

  3. Blake says:

    Thanks, it’s quite informative

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