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If you can dream it, you can achieve it

Since I was a little girl I’ve dreamed of having my own art studio. I could visualise myself there, surrounded by frames, canvases, papers, flowers…  drawing and painting all day. But I never thought about teaching though. I just could imagine a space for me to be able of creating and painting there. It was my dream. And now I know that dreams come true.

dreams come true

The first time I went to Argentina, I spent there a whole year there. I really enjoyed the city and I did the first step to achieve my dream. I studied illustration.

When I finished my studies, I came back to Colombia and I did the second step. I started the project of creating my studio at home and starting workshops in a formal way.

Even the workshops were with few people, I had already done some before. But I took the decision to make it properly, so I spread the world, creating adds in social media and I started to get known and recognised.

dreams come true

That’s the moment I started my dream and since then I’ve never stopped creating and teaching art in my studio. It’s being 8 years now. 8 years of art, creativity, teaching, exploring, creating… It has been my greatest achievement and my best therapy without any doubt.

One of the best parts of it that I really enjoy, it’s being able to share this passion with so many people and to know that I connect to them with my art.

But the truth is that it has not been easy… In fact, it has been a hard way in which I’ve suffered many times. But the things that are worth it requires effort, time and dedication.


Never stop dreaming

Now that I am traveling again to Buenos Aires, I come back with a new goal of becoming a muralist. I hope I can achieve it and paint in many murals around the world – or at least, where the opportunity presents itself.

Muralism is a new world that I’ve always wanted to experiment, because of the beauty and interest that large format illustration represents for me

dreams come true

Being able to live from art is quite an experience. I am grateful every day for that and I truly believe that the duty of us as an artists it’s being in constant change and evolution.

ART is a full-time learning that never ends. It is a therapy, that connects with yourself and at the same time communicates with others.
ART is passion. ART is love.

When you think that your dream is impossible to achieve, remember this: if you can dream it, you can achieve it. You just have to keep focus and start doing stuff to go for it! What is done with love… with love is paid and it will always be worth it.




My name is Marcela Rivera, I am designer and illustrator from Medellin (Colombia). I studied Illustration in Argentina and I created my own brand in 2008 called LA RIVERA ILUSTRADA and I enjoy developing my art and doing workshops since then.

www.lariverailustrada.com | @lariverailustrada




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