A little bit of me

I am an illustrator and a painter working mostly with traditional techniques.  I love using watercolors, graphite, acrylics and inks, but also, I usually use digital tools.

I live in London with my greatest fan and also my partner, and work at my little studio always full of works in progress, brushes, materials to explore new techniques and plants.

I love to be surrounded by nature because it always inspires me.

I spend my days painting and drawing, looking for inspiration in photography, people who surround me, light, shadows and nature.

My personal work often shows the female body and the relationship between people and nature. Also I like to explore contrast and ideas with these two concepts. Through painting I try to develop a dialog between realistic and abstract forms based on feelings making the viewer create personal associations. I love to explore this dialog and to learn something new from everything I do and that shows in my various pieces of work.

Painting gives me peace and calm.

When I am painting I am immersed in a different world without time, without anything else. Just the painting and me. And I think most of these feelings are reflected in my work.

I don’t remember the first time I took a pencil or a brush to draw. Drawing has been my passion and a constant in my whole life. I grew up in Valencia, Spain, where I received in 2007 formal training from the School of Arts, developing abilities in drawing, illustration, painting, and digital techniques.

After that, I worked as a designer in different studios until 2013 when I moved to Madrid and I decided to start working as a freelance illustrator for clients like publishers, designers, and bloggers, doing illustrations for books, commissioned portraits and paintings.

In 2015 I moved to London and I’ve continued working as an illustrator and some of my selected clients are Elemis, Sephora, La Esfera de Los Libros and Bold PR. Also, I’ve been developing my own work and paintings and my pieces can be found in many interior design showrooms and galleries.